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1/1/2017 “Knowing God”

2/12/2017 “Look Up!”

2/19/2017 “What’s in a Name?”

2/26/2017 “Shining Savior, Sleepy Saints”

3/5/2017 Jesse Hausler Sermon

4/30/2017 “Jesus Revealed”

05-21-2017 “Resurrection Plus Forty”

6/4/2017 “Enabled by the Holy Spirit”

6/11/2017 “God in Three Persons”

6/18/2017 “It’s Alive!”

6/25/2017 “Spirit and Word”

7/02/2017 “The Christian Declaration of Independence”

7/09/2017 Sermon by Jesse Hausler

7/16/2017 “How Is It With Your Soul?”

07/23/2017 “Christ, Our Substitute”

8/06/2017 “The Cosmic Christ”

8/20/2017 “An Encounter with Jesus”

9/3/2017 “Floodwaters of Grace”

9/10/2017 “God Thoughts”

9/17/2017 “Present Sufferings, Future Glory!”

9/24/2017 “Almost, But Not Yet”

10/01/2017 “The Golden Chain of Redemption”

10/15/2017 “Grace Poured Out”

10/29/2017 “The Righteous Will Live By Faith”

11/5/2017 “Triumphant Saints”

11/19/2017 “You Are What You Love”

11/26/2017 Mr. Jesse Hausler

12/3/2017 “Overflowing Hope”

12/17/2017 “The Joyful Journey”

12/24/2017 “Out of Bethlehem”

2/18/2018 “Leaning into Lent”