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Trinity’s Good Friday service will be held at 6:00 pm Friday, March 30.


leaning on Jesus (2)As a young Christian, I paid little attention to traditions such as Lent. But the older I get, the more I am recognizing the value of the proper use of spiritual disciplines and traditions … not to gain favor with God, of course, but as a means of growing in godliness.

I am reminded of the scriptural exhortation to “train yourself to be godly” (1 Timothy 4:7). Combined with Scripture reading, prayer, the mortification of sin and the enlivening of Christian virtues, Lenten practices can indeed bring forth good fruit in the life of a believer.

And so, I find myself leaning more into Lent in this season of my life … and in so doing, I find myself leaning more into Jesus.

As we move forward into this important season of the Church year, may these words from the Presbyterian Book of Common Worship be ours as well:

“O Lord, who for our sake didst fast forty days and forty nights: Give us grace to use such abstinence, that, our flesh being subdued to the spirit, we may ever obey Thy godly motions in righteousness and true holiness, to Thine honor and glory; who livest and reignest, with the Father and the Holy Spirit, one God, now and ever. Amen.”

Leaning with you into Jesus and Lent,

Pastor Scott


The Lenten season begins this year with Ash Wednesday, February 14. Our Bible study will focus on Isaiah 53. Imposition of ashes will follow the Bible study, for those who desire to receive the mark of the cross as a visible reminder of what the season is all about.

There is also an opportunity each week for the anointing of oil and healing prayer. If you desire prayer and anointing, please let Pastor Scott know following Bible study.


Our monthly fellowship luncheon is Sunday, February 18, following worship. The only thing better than the fine food will be the finer fellowship. Plan to join us!


Trinity’s monthly men lunch is at 1:00 PM this Wednesday, February 7, at Esperanza’s Mexican Restaurant. Vamos a comer!


Our annual choir cantata is at 11:00 Sunday morning, December 10. Plan to come and worship the Lord with us through song. The cantata is titled “O Holy Night!”


Trinity’s monthly men’s lunch is at 1:00 PM this Wednesday, December 6, at Texas Chuck Wagon on King’s Highway in Nash. Join us, men!


Ms. Estes Mills, one of our senior saints (94 years young!), has started a prayer meeting in her home at 11:00 on Friday mornings. What an inspiration she is, and what an important ministry God has called her to! May God bless Ms. Estes for her dedication to the Lord and His service. Come and join her on the last Friday of each month as we pray for church, country, and whatever or whomever God places on our hearts.


Bible study has resumed! Ladies are invited to attend the Tuesday morning study at 10:00 in the church office. Our Wednesday evening study is at 6:30 in the fellowship hall. Our topic is Isaiah. Come and join us for an exciting verse-by-verse study of God’s Word!



Our annual worship service and church picnic will be held at 11:00 Sunday morning, May 7, at Running WJ Ranch on Kings Highway. Plan to join us as we worship the Lord, with a catered meal to follow!


The Outreach Committee is making plans to show the Jesus film this spring, outdoors on the grounds of Trinity. The Jesus film is the most widely seen film in history, and has been viewed by more than a billion people! It is based on the Gospel of Luke. You are invited to attend. We will also be reaching out to the neighborhood as well. Stay tuned for more information!


Our Wednesday night Bible study has started back up. Pastor Scott is teaching a verse by verse study of Ecclesiastes at 6:30 each Wednesday in the Fellowship Hall. For those who cannot attend on Wednesdays, there is also a Ecclesiastes study at 10:00 on Tuesday mornings in the church office. Join us for this great time in the Word of God!


Please join us for Trinity’s traditional Christmas dinner immediately after worship this Sunday, December 20.


This year’s candlelight service will be held at 6:00. Bring a favorite “finger” food and join us for a time of celebration and fellowship following the service.


For those interested in Christmas caroling, we will gather in the Fellowship Hall at Trinity this Friday at 6:00 p.m. We will then carpool to some of our shut-in members to bless them in song!


Trinity’s annual Christmas cantata will be held this Sunday during the worship service. Prepare to be blessed!


There will be a light lunch immediately following worship this Sunday, followed by the hanging of the greens. Join us for fellowship and fun as we decorate the church for the coming Advent and Christmas season.


Roy Thomas has started a Sunday school class for special needs youth and adults. For more information, contact Roy or Dr. Lynn Reep, our Christian Education elder.


Our third Sunday church luncheon is this Sunday, October 18. Plan to remain following worship for this time of fellowship. Bring food if you can, but if you can’t, plan to join us anyway!


Bible study will resume at 6:30 this Wednesday. We will be studying the Westminster Shorter Catechism with Scripture Proofs. Plan to join us for some in-depth learning and lively discussion!


Trinity will host a back-to-school pancake breakfast at 10:00 AM this Saturday in the Fellowship Hall. Hosted by the Outreach Committee, the free breakfast is for the congregation, friends, neighbors, and veterans. Plan to join us!


Our third Sunday church luncheon is this Sunday, August 16. Plan to remain following worship for this time of fellowship. Bring food if you can, but if you can’t, plan to join us anyway!


Trinity’s annual church picnic has been scheduled for 10:00 AM June 14th at Raindrop Hill Farm on Kings Highway. A catered luncheon will follow at 11:00 Plan to join us in this beautiful setting for a time of worship, food and fellowship Bring your lawn chairs!


Our third Sunday church luncheon is this Sunday, May 17th. Plan to remain following worship for this time of fellowship. Bring food if you can, but if you can’t, plan to join us anyway!


A baby shower for Stormie Hannaford Blackwell will be held at 6:30 PM Tuesday, April 7, in Trinity’s Fellowship Hall. Stormie is expecting twins! The ladies of the church are invited to come shower Stormie and the babies with gifts galore and love!


Due to the most recent pronouncement of the Presbyterian Church (USA) to redefine marriage, we in the Evangelical Presbyterian Church reaffirm our position on Christian marriage. We hold to the biblical standard of marriage, which is that it is a formal and sacred covenant between one man and one woman for life.
Further, to clarify our relationship among the diverse Presbyterian denominations, the EPC is a completely independent, separate, and unrelated denomination from the PC(USA) and shares no mutual identity, missions, or holdings.
Our unquestionable commitment to this biblical definition of marriage is undergirded by our belief that God ordained marriage for a number of purposes. These include His glory; intimate human companionship and mutual assistance; bearing, nurturing, and training of children; promoting societal stability; and affirming the proper context for human sexuality.
The EPC is firmly rooted in the Reformed tradition and orthodox theology. We believe the Scriptures of the Old and New Testaments to be the infallible Word of God, the final authority on all issues to which it speaks. Therefore, our attitudes and behaviors are to be judged in the light of the Bible, rather than the Bible being reinterpreted, modified, or overturned by current cultural trends.
The PC(USA) announcement comes after its General Assembly and a majority of its presbyteries approved an amendment to their Book of Order. That amendment changes the definition of marriage to “a unique relationship between two people, traditionally a man and a woman” and permits its ministers to officiate same-sex unions in its churches.
We grieve for our brothers and sisters in the PC(USA) who have chosen to submit to culture rather than to abide by God’s Word. We stand with numerous other evangelical, conservative, and traditional Christians from many branches of the Christian faith tree in our belief in biblical marriage.


Trinity’s Good Friday service will be held at 6:00 p.m. April 3rd. The service will focus on the crucifixion of Our Lord.


Bible study continues each Wednesday at 6:30 PM (following choir practice at 5:30 PM). Join us for this verse-by-verse study of Luke’s Gospel, interspersed with lively discussion! A nursery is available.


Our third Sunday church luncheon is this Sunday, March 15. Plan to remain following worship for this time of fellowship. Bring food if you can, but if you can’t, plan to join us anyway!



Presbyterians and Lent. Those terms don’t seem to go together, at least in the minds of some Christians. After all, Lent is primarily the domain of Roman Catholics, right?

Not quite! Lent is an approximately forty-day period of fasting, repentance, and spiritual discipline in preparation for Resurrection Sunday (Easter). It is observed by Christians of many denominational backgrounds, including Episcopalians, Presbyterians, Lutherans, Methodists, and Roman Catholics.

The first day of Lent is called Ash Wednesday. On that day many Christians attend services to have a cross marked on their forehead with ashes, symbolizing mourning and repentance.

Lent has been observed for many centuries, and is for Christians a time of identifying with the suffering of Jesus. It is also an opportunity to know Jesus in a deeper way, by turning away from sin and turning toward Him in faith.

The Lenten devotional booklet that has been prepared for Trinity (see picture above) is an aid to help us in that endeavor. The daily readings—Scripture verses, devotional readings, prayers, and artwork—all share one thing in common: they point us to the crucified Christ. For in the words of a wise 13th-century Christian named Bonaventure: “There is no other path to God but through the burning love of the Crucified.”

The devotional booklet also contains an essay titled Knowing Christ Crucified. Therein I describe how rediscovering the Passion of Christ helped renew me during a spiritually dry season in my life. (Yes, pastors also need to be renewed!)

It is my hope and prayer that Lent finds us encountering Christ crucified in a life changing way. But let us remember that Christ Himself—and not mere ritual or legalistic discipline—is the heart of our Christian faith and the Lenten season.

As we start our Lenten journey with Jesus, it is fitting that we begin with prayer. I join with you in praying the following words from the Presbyterian Book of Common Worship:

O God, who by the example of thy Son our Saviour Jesus Christ hast taught us the greatness of true humility, and dost call us to watch with Him in His Passion: give us grace to serve one another in all lowliness, and to enter into the fellowship of His sufferings; who liveth and reigneth with Thee and the Holy Spirit, one God, world without end. Amen.

May the Lord bless our efforts to know the Savior and His Passion in a deeper way. And may this journey inward also lead us outward to a renewed life of service to God and others.

And so it begins! Through the “burning love” of the Crucified One, let us embark on our Lenten journey.

Your fellow sojourner in Christ,

Pastor Scott


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